Bernard P. Healy – Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Bernard P. Healy has 35 years of experience and knowledge and in the legal world, knowledge is power.

You don’t have to be rich to have the best legal representation in the United States. You only have to choose the best Lawyer. Lawyers who advertise make claims designed to impress you but are those claims accurate? Attorney Bernard Healy will put you are on the road to real results. Your questions will be answered by Attorney Healy. Your fear of loss will be addressed. We offer real results and real answers.

Rhode Island Workers Compensation Law

You may be faced with mounting health care costs after a car accident or other physical injuries. If so you need the best Rhode Island personal injury lawyer. If you have you lost your job or you face discrimination or injured at work, then you need someone who truly understands the complexity of the Rhode Island workers compensation law.

Bernard Healy will treat your case with the respect it deserves. Whether your claim is worth $1,000 Dollars or $1 Million Dollars, your case will be handed with equal diligence and care. The staff of The Law Office of Bernard P. Healy treats all clients with the same degree of respect. We want you as our client for life.

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